BLU Apulian Luxury Experience

"Your Holiday Home in Bari"

BLU Apulian Experience is not simply a guesthouse with thoughtful design and selected amenities, but it is an authentic Experience to live in the land of Bari.
BLU, your stay, your vacation home in Bari Vecchia.

Your Holiday Home in Bari

BLU Apulian Experience is not simply a guesthouse with thoughtful design and selected amenities, but it is an authentic Experience to live in the land of Bari.

BLU - Casa Vacanza a Bari Vecchia

In the heart of a historic building, among the alleys of the old city, lies a corner of beauty, refinement and relaxation; where history and architectural tradition intersect harmoniously with innovative design and a touch of stylistic boldness. BLU is the perfect place for those who do not yet believe that opposites attract and that what seems antithetical, if skillfully juxtaposed, can give a feeling of peace and balance.

From the Passion for Travel BLU is born

BLU was born from the passion for travel and culture of the Cutrignelli family of Bari and aims to be a welcoming and uniquely designed place for tourists and travelers to experience their homeland, the land of Bari and other selected places in Puglia. BLU accommodates up to four people in total comfort. Each room has been carefully researched and included furniture elements and accessories to make your experience as comfortable as possible. You will be able to admire the beauty of an old building with thick stone walls, restored and made unique by elements of contemporary architecture, such as the open tub featured in the room.

Live Unique Experiences

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We organize in conjunction with your stay in Bari, special experiential packages characteristic of our places. Find out more or read our article.

About Us - AD Architectural Digest USA

From a former Convent of Benedictine Monks…
Together with Roman architect Valentina Frasghini, the bare 40-square-meter space received a visceral renovation that transformed it into its current multicolored form. We relied completely on Valentina’s taste and initiatives, says Giuseppe:
“I won’t hide the fact that we found ourselves arguing many times, even heatedly, because his ideas were a little too innovative for our taste. But he was always right in the end, and we are extremely satisfied with the final result.” .

Working with a broad design approach, Valentina maximized the space to divide the super studio into predetermined functions, from a full-fledged kitchen and dining area to the raised sleeping area, central bath, and large shower room.

I have always been fascinated by the region of Puglia and its unique mix of countryside and sea…
Valentina explains. The Cutrignelli Family’s apartment honors the unique history of Bari’s Old Town, but features a new format between modern design and architectural preservation. The interior welcomes you with contemporary comforts that are inspired by the building’s centuries-old structural elements. Curved walls and arches are emphasized, while a Made in Italy approach characterizes furniture and other furnishings.


The great wealth around us

Explore the most important and well-known places in Puglia, take advantage of your stay in Bari to explore our riches.