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During Stay in Bari

There are several places around us that can be reached from the City of Bari: naturalistic, archaeological and architectural beauties that we highly recommend visiting during your stay in Bari. A concentration of history, energy, warmth.

Bari - Cultura del Pesce
Bari Vecchia
Bari - Via delle Orecchiette

The city of Bari has always been in contact with the most diverse cultures, not surprisingly bearing in its architecture reminders of the encounters, commercial and cultural, with different civilizations. Impossible not to mention the marvelous Basilica of St. Nicholas (12th century), a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture; but also the Cathedral of St. Sabinus (12th century), a striking example of solstitial architecture. There are also other monuments in the old city, such as the Fortino di Sant’Antonio Abate, built in 1300 for defensive purposes, or the grand Norman-Swabian Castle, one of the most important Romanesque monuments in Italy, built by Roger the Norman in 1131, then completely destroyed in 1156 and rebuilt at the behest of Frederick II of Swabia in 1223. A great testament to Apulian art and culture is also the Corrado Giaquinto Art Gallery, which houses paintings, furnishings, sculptures, and clothing from 1000 onward. Then there is a part of the city that is younger and open to contemporary culture: the Murat Hall, located in the famous Piazza del Ferrarese, and the Margherita Theater, overlooking the sea, always host exhibitions and innovative contemporary art events. Finally, for those who would like to discover the city’s very rich history, Bari sotterranea is a guided night tour through the old city starting from the basement of the Norman-Swabian Castle.

Thirty-five kilometers from Bari, Polignano a Mare is a village overlooking the sea. Lama Monachile beach is among the most famous in all of Puglia. The beach originated from the bed of a stream that flowed into the sea, and today it is a unique and picturesque sight, with sheer cliffs and old houses clinging to the rock.

Polignano a Mare
Polignano a Mare Centro Storico

56 km from Bari, in Matera it is possible to visit the famous Sassi, a truly unique landscape. The Sassi are rupestrian buildings and architecture, carved directly into the rock and inhabited by local families from prehistoric times until about the 1960s. Today they constitute the historic center of the city of Matera.

Matera Panoramica

55 km from Bari, the village of Alberobello has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. The buildings that characterize it are the Trulli, rustic constructions typical of some areas of Apulia, including the Itria Valley, characterized by a circular plan and a conical roof made of living stone.

Alberobello Particolare

Sixty kilometers from Bari, Castel del Monte is a 12th-century fortress built by Frederick II of Swabia on a hill about 540 meters above sea level. Castel del Monte is characterized by harmonious forms and perfect geometry, in which the octagonal element recurs.

Castel del Monte - Vista dall'alto
Castel del Monte - Particolare

Eighty kilometers from Bari, Ostuni is famous for being called the “white city,” queen of the Itria Valley, is surrounded by Aragonese defense walls and characterized by a maze of characteristic and evocative violets and narrow streets.

Ostuni Vicoli

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