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Tourist Experiences in Apulia

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Our experiential offerings are suitable for all the needs of tourists in Apulia. You can book for a couple as well as for a small group of tourists; we select tourist experiences for you that will make your stay unique and stress-free. In addition to the packages selected below, you will be able to choose from a variety of experiences ranging from the classic and beloved Tours of well-known locations, to Cooking or Craft Workshops; whether you love Nature or Art and Sacred places, you will find many places to suit your characteristics.

A fascinating metropolis of the Mediterranean, Bari will captivate you with the beautiful panorama of its monumental waterfront, its historic center with its Middle Eastern character, its elegant shopping avenues, its impressive 19th-century and Romanesque facades, and its culinary traditions. Immerse yourself in this bustling port city and explore its medieval history of religious intrigue and Bourbon kings in every hidden alley. Rich in theaters, museums, cinemas, bookstores and cafes, Puglia’s capital is a city to be discovered.

Duration: Half day

Tour di Bari

Street food enthusiast? On this tour we visit the center of Bari passing by all the typical places where so-called “street food” is prepared, that is, those delicious foods that the people of Bari traditionally consume: focaccia barese, warm and crispy to the right point, panzerotto, with its exquisite tomato and mozzarella filling, orecchiette, and much more. Depending on the day we may also find fresh fish, and in some cases we will enjoy local ice cream instead… street food is like that, you have to seize the moment when the original is available, otherwise the rest are just imitations!

Duration: Half day

Food Tour di Bari

On the tour you will visit both Polignano a Mare, with its spectacular sea views and romantic narrow streets, and Alberobello, whose charm is striking and enchanting. Polignano is one of the most photographed sights in Apulia, with its houses overlooking the sea, as well as the birthplace of Domenico Modugno, author of one of the most sung Italian songs in the world, “Volare” (nel blu dipinto di blu). In Alberobello we will get lost in the historic center and see the ancient trulli, with their cone-shaped roofs made of limestone, positioned with a secret technique typical of the old trulli masters with a very specific pattern.

Duration: Full day

Tour Polignano Alberobello

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